Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 82

SHOPPING/SERVICES We’d like to thank you all for continually I’m real voting us THE BEST VEGETARIAN happy for Yo, you and I’m gonna let you finish, but year after year after year after year after LET SOMEONE ELSE WIN FOR A CHANGE NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC | FOOD/DRINK | CULTURE/PEOPLE | “Life is meant to be a celebration, not a competition. There is no need to go on postponing celebration. Nothing else is needed to celebrate. Life is needed and life you have. To celebrate, Being is needed and Being you have. To celebrate, trees, birds, stars, and good food are needed, and they are there. What else do you need?” ...OSHO DALLAS OBSERVER SPORTS/RECREACTION | For a Deeper Experience... Cosmic Cafe S EPTEMBER 24-30, 2015 2912 Oak Lawn | 214-521-6157 | 82

Cosmic Cafe

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