Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 79 Best Tortas La Huasteca Tacos y Tortas La Huasteca Tacos y Tortas is a popular spot among locals in its East Dallas neighborhood. The best deal is the torta, a Mexican sand-wich. Just $5 delivers a meaty torta on light, fluffy bread, accompanied by a huge pile of french fries. Request a side of orange sauce for a sweet and spicy chipotle flavor to dip the fries in. The tortas come out slightly different each time, depending on who is making them. Sometimes they’re flavored with more may-onnaise, other times they’re heavy with black bean spread or avocado. But the meat remains consistent. There’s always a lot of it, enough to make half of a torta a sorta filling dinner. 723 S. Beacon St., 214-821-3018 Best Butcher Shop Rudolph’s Market & Sausage Factory A lot has changed on Elm Street over the past year. The sidewalks are wider, parking your car is a little easier and from landscap-ing to paint everything has had a serious facelift. Through it all, Rudolph’s hasn’t changed a bit, which is a very good thing. The butcher shop has been selling paper-wrapped steaks, sausages and other cuts of meat for more than a century, and anyone who has shopped here hopes things stay just as they are for as long as they can. A trip to Rudolph’s is a trip back in time — a time when the guy behind the counter could tell you how to roast the top round you just pur-chased, and your meat was raised sensibly. 2924 Elm St., 214-741-1874, tle crunchy on the outside and soft and melty on the inside. 6601 Hillcrest Ave., Suite A, 214-363-2038, Readers’ Pick: Rudolph’s Market & Sausage Factory Best Cookies JD’s Chippery Cookies are so good, most people don’t no-tice much difference between a fresh cookie; one that’s a little old, moist and dry; and a commercial cookie with a chemical after-taste. But cookies baked with care from scratch taste better, and family-owned JD’s Chippery carefully bake theirs in small batches at their quaint shop in Snider Plaza. They excel in the classic chocolate chip, a lit-Best Salad That’s Actually Healthy Whole Foods’ Raw Kale and Avocado Salad Think of Whole Foods grocery store as a city unto itself, where the salad bar func-tions as the “downtown.” It’s where the na-tives hunt and gather for the quick pick-up of ready-made meals. Get there early, how-ever, for the healthiest option on the to-go table, the popular raw kale and avocado | Classified | MusiC | dish | stage | Movies | Culture | Night+day | feature | sChutze | uNfair Park | the thread | CoNteNts | SHOPPING/SERVICES | Best Wings CULTURE/PEOPLE Knox Street Pub It’s the little things that make a plate. All over Dallas, wings are served up under-fried, tim-idly sauced and paired with terrible garnishes. It’s enough to make you want to stick with the bar nuts. At Knox Street Pub, the wings come out with a satisfying crispness, and they’re sauced with pure Frank’s Red Hot, straight out of the bottle for a fiery punch. Even the garnishes are solid, with chunky blue cheese, celery that’s crisp and vibrant and whole baby carrots with a satisfying crunch. There’s enough veg on this plate that you could trick yourself into believing it’s healthy. Don’t. 4447 McKinney Ave., 214-528-5100, | FOOD/DRINK | NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC Best Cheap Drink Deal Cock and Bull Neighborhood Pub Sometimes you go to a bar to hide. From your spouse. From your problems. From the glare of daylight itself. The murky atmosphere of the Cock and Bull, a cozy little red-walled bar in Lakewood, is as dark as a Raymond Chandler mystery. Some poorly lit bars skimp on clean-ing, but you’ll find no sticky surfaces here, my friend. Just killer drink specials ($2.50 well booze Thursday nights) and a lovely absence of lumens. Lakewood Shopping Center, 6330 Gaston Ave., 214-841-9111, | SPORTS/RECREATION DALLAS OBSERVER DALLAS OBSERVER Best Caffeine Merchant The Cultured Cup Drop in during the weekend and be prepared to leave with a little extra zip in your step. Whether you prefer freshly ground coffee or the more delicate appeal of loose tea-leaves, The Cultured Cup will send you home with everything you need to assure your coming week is well caffeinated. But don’t rush out the door! The best thing about visiting The Cultured Cup is spending time at the tasting bar. You’ll likely encounter new teas and cof-fees and meet fellow stimulant junkies. The store is as social as your favorite coffee shop but with a much larger offering. 13714 Gamma Road, No. 104, 972-960-1521, M onth XX–M onth XX, 2014 S EPTEMBER 24-30, 2015 10 79


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