Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 76 BEST PUPUSA WINNER 2013 Experience the authentic taste of El Salvador at LA PASADITA! The best flavors can be found in the most humble of places. Best Tex-Mex HERRERa’S CULTURE/PEOPLE | SHOPPING/SERVICES Kathy Tran Best Ramen Ten Ramen Nobody in Dallas makes ramen better than the team of cooks at Ten. The subject is not even up for debate. They deliver hot bowls of soup on the fly, filled with perfectly cooked noodles and fresh garnishes that truly elevate your ra-men experience. What’s better is the whole restaurant is built around authenticity. It’s standing-room-only, so you’ll have to slurp on your feet, and the menu focuses on what’s im-portant, which is ramen and little else. You’ll be in and out the door in 20 minutes flat, and bowls of soup start at $10 for the fastest, cheapest, most delicious meal in Dallas. 1818 Sylvan Ave., Suite 100, 972-803-4400 Meddlesome Moth a standout beer-drinking establishment. If you’re looking for a special release, tapping events are commonplace here, and the stunning patio makes the Moth a place you’ll want to drink year-round. 1621 Oak Lawn Ave., 214-628-7900, FOOD/DRINK | 205 N. Carroll Ave. Dallas, 75246 (yes, it’s inside a convenience store) Readers’ Pick: Meddlesome Moth | Best Local Brewery Peticolas Brewing Co. Since opening in late 2011, Peticolas Brewing Co. has been producing some of Dallas’ most recognizable beers. Good luck trying to find a local beer nerd who hasn’t imbibed a few hundred Velvet Hammers, and Golden Op-portunity may be this city’s most drinkable beer. Maintaining a style that holds balance in the highest regard, Peticolas produces beers that sip easily and will sometimes set you on your ass. Fold in a series of special releases with festive tapping events, and Dallas’ best maker of beers is obvious. 2026 Farrington St., 214-234-7600, NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC 214-824-1909 Best Bloody Mary The Grape The bloody mary is a powerful elixir. One glass of this vodka-toting liquid salad can ren-der a hangover cured and change an entire af-ternoon. Even a bad bloody mary can be restorative if you’re desperate enough, and a good one can be a thing of true beauty. Add a miniature charcuterie board impaled on a bamboo skewer and the drink is almost pow-erful enough to undo the bad decisions you made the evening before. The Grape’s bloody mary — garnished with a hunk of cheese, an olive and a piece of salami — rights wrongs like a superhero. That it’s served in proximity to a burger the size of a Labrador’s head only makes it better. 2808 Greenville Ave., 214-828-1981, SPORTS/RECREACTION | DALLAS OBSERVER Readers’ Pick: Deep Ellum Brewing Co. 2823 St. Louis St. 214-888-3322, Best Local Beer Community Beer Co.’s Mosaic IPA This robust IPA is hoppy in a big way, but a hefty dose of malt helps keep things light, while a rich amber color and white, fluffy head make for an attractive glass of beer. Community’s Mosaic IPA is bitter and brash, but it’s also somehow smooth; the drinking experience won’t bore you and an ABV of 8.6 percent will keep you on your toes. If you’re a fan of American lagers commonly served from a can, Mosaic might be a little much for you, but if you’re a true hophead you may have found your perfect beer. 1530 Inspiration Drive, 214-751-7921, Readers’ Pick: Ozona Grill & Bar 4615 Greenville Ave., 214-265-9105, S eptember 24-30, 2015 Best Beer Selection Meddlesome Moth WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/STACKHOUSETX 2917 GASTON AVE., DALLAS, TEXAS 75226 One look at the run of taps jutting out from the nickel-covered back-splash, and you’ll know that Meddlesome Moth is a serious beer contender. There’s even more beer avail-able by the bottle on the menu you’ll find at the bar. The local breweries you see at every other craft bar are represented, but the ob-scure beers bottled in far-off lands make Readers’ Pick: Revolver Blood & Honey 76

Stackhouse Burgers

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