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Best Sushi Restaurant UChI and Beautiful Downtown View Full Catering Services Available 921 N. Riverfront Blvd • 214-740-1985 www.bridgebistrodallas.come Lunch, Dinner, Brunch SHOPPING/SERVICES | CULTURE/PEOPLE | Kathy Tran Rock bottom prices on the top shelf. Whether you’re searching for the purest vodka, the smoothest tequila, or the rarest whisky, there’s a store around the corner with experts who can help you find that right bottle for any occasion. FOOD/DRINK | Best Icy Treat Shop Steel City Pops You can’t deny the line streaming out the door of Steel City Pops. It’s long, and it’s al-ways present, turning the corner past the pa-tio out front, leading down the sidewalk and sometimes around the block. The pops com-ing out of this small storefront take paletas to places they’ve never been in terms of flavor, using ingredients including tea, corn, butter-milk, avocados and jalepeños. If that sounds too adventurous you can get something sim-ple like mango, strawberry or lemonade, but no matter what flavor you choose, your pop will always have a velvety consistency that’s unrivaled. 2012 Greenville Ave., 972-807-9062, Best Farmers Market Good Local Market White Rock Local Market is all grown up these days, with three major markets in the Dallas area on both Saturday and Sunday. What started off as a small, homespun alter-native to the massive market downtown has become one of the best collections of local farmers and producers in the DFW area. Good Local Market stands out because of its commitment to local farmers who grow and sell their own food, and a shopping trip there leaves customers with a sense they’ve made some small difference while learning the ex-act provenance of their food. 972-379-7097, NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC Readers’ Pick: Steel City Pops Readers’ Pick: Dallas Farmers Market 1010 S. Pearl Expressway, 214-664-9110 Best Desserts Remedy Sitting at the bar at Remedy is like taking a trip through time and space. The old-school soda fountain serves up egg creams and other freshly mixed sodas and desserts that could easily make a whole meal. If you’re in the mood for ice cream, check out the sundaes made from dairy that’s churned on-site. The flavor combinations are all original creations and many pay tribute to local food personali-ties. There’s also pie, including a coconut cream that redefines the genre, and if you’re feeling gluttonous, you can have it served with more of that ice cream. 2010 Greenville Ave., 469-294-4012, Best Desserts REMEDy / | SPORTS/RECREATION DALLAS OBSERVER S eptember 24-30, 2015 LOW PRICES /// EXPERT SERVICE /// GRAND SELECTION FIND ALL 13 DFW LOCATIONS AT GOODYGOODY.COM Kathy Tran 75

Bridge Bistro

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