Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 64 Best Chef MIstI NoRRIs, sMAll BRewPuB “BEST PIZZA NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC | FOOD/DRINK | CULTURE/PEOPLE says | SHOPPING/SERVICES Can Turkyilmaz SPORTS/RECREACTION geeks obsess over the floral notes in a single-origin, organic, Costa Rican cup of java. Just want a coffee? This is where you come to get your pick-me-up, served by the nicest staff you could hope for. Want a mocha-spiced-latte with soy-whatever? Yeah, you can get that here too. And they won’t even call you high maintenance for placing the order. 103 Murray St., 214-655-2808, Best Hot Dog Luscher’s Red Hots Do you have trouble getting out of bed on Sat-urday mornings? If you do, Luscher’s Red Hots could be the greatest enhancement the Dallas culinary scene has experienced in ages. Before Luscher’s, the only way to get the best hot dog in Dallas was to visit the White Rock Local Market on Saturday mornings. If you slept in past noon, you had to wait seven days for your next chance at an expertly crafted tube steak. At Luscher’s Red Hots you can get a hot dog seven days a week. And if a dog doesn’t pad out your square edges suffi-ciently, you can always follow it up with an Italian beef. 2653 Commerce St., 214-434-1006, | DALLAS OBSERVER 2114 Greenville Ave., 214-370-9535, Readers’ Pick: Mudsmith Coffee Best Diner John’s Cafe Sure, the sign says cafe, but the burgers, gyros, shortstack pancakes and other breakfast plates scream diner all the way. John’s has been plating up the classics for more than 40 years now, and the place has loads more char-acter than the 24-hour chain diners that blan-ket the Dallas area. John’s doesn’t forget the little things: There are philodendrons hang-ing from the ceiling and fresh flowers on ev-ery table. Fresh flowers, plus two eggs over-easy with bacon and hash browns: Where else can you find that? 1733 Greenville Ave., 214 874-0800, Readers’ Pick: Angry Dog 2726 Commerce St., 214-741-4406, S EPTEMBER 24-30, 2015 Delicious Flickr Twitter Best Indian Restaurant Mughlai Indian restaurants lend themselves to commu-nal dining. Bringing friends with you to places like Mughlai is the only way to sample a little of everything the kitchen has to offer. With a table of six or more, you can share several curries and rice dishes, and breads to soak them up with, at a table laid out like a banquet. Mughlai can help you take a simple ethnic dining expe-rience and turn it into a grand event (that’s still surprisingly affordable). Just remember to save Facebook MySpace StumbleUpon 1123 W. Davis St. and various locations, Readers’ Pick: Norma’s Cafe 64

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