Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 60 Best New Restaurant Café Momentum When you dine out, how often do you receive a bonus side of feel-good? Chad Houser’s Café Momentum has been a long time com-ing, and now that the official restaurant is open, diners don’t have to chase pop-up events from neighborhood to neighborhood. Café Momentum employs at-risk, non-vio-lent youths, giving them solid training and a chance to earn an honest living. Diners get ricotta gnocchi with rapini and sage from one of the most inspiring culinary teams Dallas has to offer. 1510 Pacific Ave., 214-303-1234, Food & Drink are other cuts of meat that benefit from some time in a hot, smoky environment. A perfectly smoked sausage, for instance, is a thing of true beauty, especially when the links are expertly prepared. Cattleack Barbecue has excellent brisket for sure, but the links coming out of that kitchen are works of art. Plump and rarely collapsed or wrinkly, these sausages re-tain their fat and ooze with moisture when your teeth pop through the snappy wrapper. 13628 Gamma Road, 972-805-0999, that is crisp, just salty enough and never oily despite a lengthy baptism in bubbling fat. 104 N. Oak St., Roanoke, 817-491-2900, and various other locations, Best Burger Restaurant Hopdoddy The buns for the burgers are baked on-site daily and the meat is ground on-site several times more. If the burger component can be produced on-site, at Hopdoddy it probably is, and still the finished burgers somehow cost less than $7. No wonder there’s a line out the door. Add in a good beer selection with plenty of local taps, and milkshakes with booze in them, and Hopdoddy is a perfect little paradise of vice. Lines are never fun, but know that this one moves fast — it’s a constant churn of burger lovers seeking the ulti-mate in burger satisfaction. 3227 McKinney Ave., No. 102, 214-871-2337, and two other locations, Readers’ Pick: Ozona Grill & Bar 4615 Greenville Ave., 214-265-9105, SPORTS/RECREACTION | | stage NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC FOOD/DRINK CULTURE/PEOPLE | thread SHOPPING/SERVICES | Classified | MusiC | dish | Movies | Culture | | Night+day | feature | | sChutze | uNfair Park | the | CoNteNts | Best Chinese Restaurant Mr. Wok You can drop by Mr. Wok without any notice and have a delicious Chinese food experi-ence. Your stomach will be much better served, however, if you remember to call and make a reservation in advance — a move that grants access to more prized items on the menu. Call one day ahead to order Peking duck with skin so crisp it rivals kettle-cooked potato chips. And if you can firm up your din-ner plans two days ahead, it’s worth your time to order the beggars chicken. Wrapped up in dry, tough bread, the dish resembles a rugby ball more than dinner, but get a crack at what’s inside that boule and you’ll be forced to rethink the humble bird forever. 2600 14th St., Plano, 972-881-1888, Readers’ Pick: Braindead Brewing 2625 Main St., 214-749-0600, Readers’ Pick: Pecan Lodge 2702 Main St., 214-748-8900, Best Chef Misti Norris, Small Brewpub This town needed a shake-up. Not only has Dallas’ dining scene been overrun with meat and potatoes, but the most notable chefs have often been men. Enter Misti Norris, whose kitchen at Small Brewpub is turning out the most innovative bar food Dallas has ever seen. While folks at watering holes down the road nibble on chicken wings, Norris’ cus-tomers dine on chicken feet. Her charcuterie, condiments and even the vinegar are made on-site, and the results are as delicious as they are interesting. Don’t miss this chance to see where Dallas’ dining scene could be headed. 333 W. Jefferson Blvd., 972-863-1594, Best Place for Breakfast CBD Provisions A morning trip to CBD Provisions is worth it for the oatmeal alone. Each bowl is topped with nuts, drizzled with sorghum and finished with a dollop of crème fraiche. You’ll never be able to go back to Quaker again, and all of the morning options here are good enough to make you want to open up your newspaper, blow off work and put in an extended break-fast session. The eggs are expertly cooked and the coarsely ground sausage is made in-house. There’s also a baker toiling away: The biscuits, breads and other baked goods are on point. 1530 Main St., 214-261-4500, 2615 Commerce St., 214-741-7668, and various locations, Readers’ Pick: Twisted Root Burger Co. Best Chicken-Fried Steak Readers’ Pick: Monkey King Noodle Co. 3014 Main St., 469-206-3658, Babe’s Chicken Dinner House The undisputed heavyweight champion of fried mountains of meat, Babe’s has been serv-ing plates of golden brown and delicious things in the Dallas area for decades. If you want a chicken-fried steak that is guaranteed never to disappoint, Babe’s is your place if only because they plate up orders by the hundreds every day. That much practice has to have a positive effect, and here it’s realized in a CFS Best Coffee Shop Murray Street Remember when a cup of coffee was just a cup of coffee, and a coffee shop was just a quaint, quirky place to get such a cup? Mur-ray Street keeps things simple in an environ-ment where tattooed, mustachioed coffee Readers’ Pick: Stephan Pyles Stephan Pyles Restaurant, 1807 Ross Ave., No. 200, 214-580-7000; San Salvaje, 2100 Ross Ave., 214-922-9922; Stampede 66, 1717 McKinney Ave., 214-550-6966 Readers’ Pick: Cindi’s NY Delicatessen Various locations, Best Food Truck Easy Slider For the longest time, the term slider was re-served for thin-pattied mini-burgers you could down in one bite. They were bready and dry and only slightly better than the al-ternative of having no burgers at all. Then Easy Slider came around and the slider was turned on its head. Forget nickel-thin meat patties and picture meatballs instead. Now dream up every flavor combination you think even remotely belongs on a burger and know that Easy Slider has likely tackled those dreams already. Combine juicy burg-ers with interesting flavors, then put them on wheels, and you’ve got the best food truck in town. 5624 Sears St., 214-668-1910, Best Ramen TEN RaMEN S eptember 24-30, 2015 M onth XX–M onth XX, 2014 DALLAS DALLAS OBSERVER OBSERVER Readers’ Pick: Easy Slider Best Barbecue Restaurant Cattleack Barbeque With so much focus placed on brisket in mat-ters of Texas barbecue, it’s easy to forget there Kathy Tran 2 60

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