Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 46 downtown carrollton Best First Date Activity VOODOO CHILE CULTURE/PEOPLE | SHOPPING/SERVICES “if you haven’t seen us lately, you haven’t seen us”... tend their political luncheon, so he went anyway and made them throw him out. That’s the kind of cool stuff a mayor should do — stand up for the city and the people who live in it. District 14, Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla St., Room 5FN, 214-670-0776 Tracie Louck Best Loser Featured Artist: Teri Causey City Council candidate James White Just putting yourself out there, standing up in public and saying “Vote for me” is hard enough. Not winning is a bummer. Instead of sulking, however, candidate James White viewed his third-place, 23 percent showing in the May 9 10th District Dallas City Council election as not bad for an unknown, unfunded newcomer. Then he turned it into a solid plus by offering his support to second-place Adam McGough, after McGough came out strong against the Trinity toll road. White’s help probably made the difference in McGough’s subsequent vic-tory in a run-off. That’s the way to lose. FOOD/DRINK | Best Community Garden Bonton Farms Tucked under the knee of two freeways, with a wild, forested flood plain at its southern edge, the neighborhood around Bonton Farms organic community garden has long been the urban island in a part of southern Dallas that isn’t quite paradise. It was a place where kids might not even know there was a big, beautiful world growing just beyond it. But Bonton is turning that around. Habitat for Humanity has built almost 200 homes in this stretch of about 100 small blocks. And the best and happiest thing to happen has been Bonton Farms itself, a faith-based community garden with goats, chickens and a guard dog still working on the idea of guarding the chickens, not eating them. From seedlings of great ideas, bigger, better things sprout. Let the good times roll in an area of Dallas that’s just starting to blossom. 6905 Bexar St., 469-400-9601, NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC | Best Fall Outing | SPORTS/RECREACTION Autumn at the Arboretum Last year Fodor’s Travel Guides named “Au-tumn at the Dallas Arboretum” as “One of America’s Best Pumpkin Festivals.” Oh, it’s that and more. The Arboretum’s fall festival of giant orange squash, running through November 25, offers a lot more than thousands of uncut jack-o’-lanterns. When the searing Dallas heat be-gins to subside and you can almost consider wearing a jacket, the fest on the landscaped park east of White Rock Lake is the perfect time and place to stroll among 150,000 bloom-ing flowers scattered lavishly across 66 acres of beds and lawn. If Charlie Brown’s Great Pump-kin existed, he’d come here to celebrate. 8525 Garland Road, 214-515-6615, DALLAS OBSERVER There’s an art to having fun! Best Obi-Wan Kenobi The Reverend Peter Johnson Art Festival S EPTEMBER 24-30, 2015 Cottonwood Park • Richardson, Texas For 46 years, Richardson, Texas has been home to this fabulous juried art show. • Museum-quality works from over 240 artists • Live music • Hands-on Kid's Area – ArtStop • Craft Beer Garden • Mimosa Mornings OCTOBER Saturday: 10a -7p 3 & 4 Live music ‘til 7p Sunday: 10a -5p 46 FREE ADMISSION & PARKING Peter Johnson was a teenager in Louisiana when he joined the Southern Christian Lead-ership Conference in the mid-1960s, serving first as a gofer and bodyguard to Martin Lu-ther King Jr. and other SCLC leaders, later moving up as an advance man and organizer. He landed in Dallas in 1969 and as the founder and CEO of the Peter Johnson Institute of Non-Violence has been working for social change ever since, going to the City Council to argue that guns and rifles (carried by ROTC) didn’t belong in the MLK Day parades, speak-ing out for peace, living wages and racial equality. Johnson, like Obi-Wan, is a powerful soul in touch with a greater uniting force. Best Outing For/With/ Because Kids Fun for adults, too, but definitely designed with the little people in mind, the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo has things like “The Underzone,” with a crawl-through tunnel that takes curious tykes up close to dwarf mongooses (small ferret-like, snake-killing mammals), hornbills (wild-looking parrot-sorta birds) and naked mole rats (you just have to crawl through the tunnel and see Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo

Cottonwood Art Festival

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