Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 32 PAID ADVERTORIAL Best Furniture Store LuLA B’S SPORTS/RECREACTION | NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC | FOOD/DRINK | CULTURE/PEOPLE | SHOPPING/SERVICES | Classified | MusiC | dish | stage | Movies | Culture | Night+day | feature | sChutze | uNfair Park | the thread | CoNteNts | Celebrates 25 Years! Established in 1990 by Steve Kahn, Condom Sense is the largest and oldest adult novelty and sex toys store chain in Texas. Condom Sense originally was started as a safe sex store after Magic Johnson contracted aids. Americans at this time were very inhibited about their sexuality and uneducated about condom use, thus, the name Condom Sense. Condom Sense grew into what is has become today, a female and couple friendly adult sexuality store. Condom Sense was the first of its kind in 1990 and has become the largest adult toy retailer in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metro area. Now, with six stores located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metro area, Condom Sense strives to supply the latest in pleasure and sexual health needs. Condom Sense is the one you can trust. Each store is kept clean, professional, and organized with easy access. We have a group of well-trained and knowledgeable sales associates that can answer all your product questions and provide high quality customer service. Condom Sense’s priority is to make sure your shopping experience is pleasant and delightful. Condom Sense not only carries a variety of sex toys and enhancement products, we also carry a large collection of lubricants, lingerie, sensual massage oils, body lotions, fetish restraints, and bachelor/bachelorette party goods. than that Ikea mattress you’ve been sleeping (badly) on, but little Fido and Spike deserve the best life possible. 3425 Knight St., 214-774-9488, and various other locations, Best Enabler Postmates Mark Graham Readers’ Pick: Pet Supplies Plus Various locations, Best Makeup Shop Blue Mercury You can buy makeup pretty much anywhere, but Blue Mercury is much more than a makeup shop — it’s an experience. In addition to the impressive selection of luxe skincare, hair and cosmetics brands, there’s also a full-scale spa nestled right into the middle of the Highland Park Village shop. If the spa ser-vices don’t quite fit your budget, you can just splurge on some of your favorite brands — Molton Brown, La Mer and NARS among them — without paying any markup for the chi-chi setting. Most important, the staff here will actually teach you how to apply the makeup, which is infinitely better than sitting at home watching YouTube tutorials. 83 Highland Park Village, 214-520-9400; 219 Grand Ave., Southlake, 817-421-1700; Under certain circumstances, Postmates is a lifesaver. If you’re sick, you can use the San Francisco-founded app to send someone to pick up your prescriptions or a grilled cheese and some tomato soup. The rest of time, the service just enables you to indulge in the easiest of the seven deadly sins — sloth. Postmates will bring you anything for sale in Dallas, provided you can figure out a way to pay for it in advance. Don’t feel like getting off the couch to go to Whataburger? Postmates will grab it for you at the touch of a button. Happily in need of condoms and Marlboros but can’t make yourself go out-side? Postmates has you covered. It’s bad for your wallet, as the app’s delivery charges start at $5 plus 9 percent of order total and can be even higher based on distance trav-eled. And it’s not kind to your waistline, ei-ther. That Whataburger? Not healthy, but oh so sweet. Best Ride to Austin Megabus Austin is just close enough to Dallas that the time and hassle of flying isn’t worth it. And you never know when I-35 construction or traffic will turn a three-hour drive into four-and-a-half (or longer). Megabus offers a con-venient, cheap way to make the trip. The interstate under the wheels might still be a mess, but at least you’re not behind the wheel. Read or get some work done, thanks in part to the Wi-Fi, power outlets and restrooms. The buses are spacious, the seats are comfortable, and so far the element of crazy among pas-sengers is less than on the competition. Tick-ets start at $13. Buses leave from Market and Young streets in downtown Dallas. DALLAS OBSERVER DALLAS OBSERVER Best Place to Buy Something Weird/Get a Mugshot Dolly Python If your shopping list includes a taxidermied bat, hillbilly tarot cards and ephemera, you’ll have no trouble checking it all off at Dolly Py-thon. The 10-year-old vintage store houses 3,800 square feet of such treasures and more. “More” includes a mugshot background sal-vaged from an old Washington County jail, which shoppers can use as a prop for profile pics. If accused of uncovering one of Dallas’ coolest stores, you’ll have to plead guilty as charged. 1916 N. Haskell Ave., 214-887-3434, EPTEMBER 24-30, 2015 M S onth XX–M onth XX, 2014 On your 25th anniversary of Condom Sense! Congratulations Steve Kahn Best Place to Spend Recklessly Nest Dallas It would be fair to describe Nest as a “life-style store.” The showroom on McKinney Avenue is casual enough to make you be-10 32

Condom Sense

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