Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 26 Choose from CULTURE/PEOPLE at 14 locations DFW Metroplex! in the MOVIES, MUSIC & VIDEO GAMES thousands of Best Vintage Clothing Store VINTAgE MARTINI SPORTS/RECREACTION | NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC | FOOD/DRINK | | SHOPPING/SERVICES Tracie Louck DALLAS OBSERVER vintage designer chair or an orange 1970s sofa the size of a Buick. Whatever your aes-thetic, there’s something for your apartment at Lula B’s. 1010 N. Riverfront Blvd., 214-749-1929; 2639 Main St., 214-824-2185 to smoke in your pipe, just that you should definitely buy that pipe from Puff n Stuff. 4815 Columbia Ave., 214-827-4500, and various other locations, Readers’ Pick: IKEA Best Actual Thrift (NOT Vintage) Store Thrift World The line between “thrift” and “vintage” stores has become impossibly blurred, but Thrift World is the best kind of old-school thrift shop. It’s not a tiny, quaint shop, more like the Wal-Mart of used clothing and home decor, but you’ll always walk out of there with some bizarre or unique find that costs less than $6. You’ll probably never wear that mustard-and-fuchsia oversized Yves Saint Laurent sweater from the 1980s, but it’s Yves Saint Laurent and you need it! You’ll want to block out a few hours to really peruse the racks and check out the sales, but once you’ve memorized the sort-of-complicated tagging system, it’s smooth sailing and plenty of good deals on funky, once-expensive stuff. 3046 Forest Lane, 972-481-7800 7171 Ikea Drive, Frisco, frisco Best Head Shop Puff n Stuff Technically, Puff n Stuff is selling “tobacco accessories,” but we all know the deal. Should you find yourself in need of a brand new wa-ter pipe or just a pack of rolling papers, Puff n Stuff is an obvious and convenient stop. If you’re interested in more intricate, hand-blown works of art that just happen to be en-gineered for smoking, you’ll find plenty of those too, most of which are hand-crafted by Texas artisans. You’ll also find plenty of head shop staples — incense, snarky T-shirts, and best of all — BEER. We’re not telling you what S eptember 24-30, 2015 26

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