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SPORTS/RECREACTION | NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC | FOOD/DRINK | CULTURE/PEOPLE | SHOPPING/SERVICES | Classified | MusiC | dish | stage | Movies | Culture | Night+day | feature | sChutze | uNfair Park | the thread | CoNteNts | Best Dollar Store DAiSO JAPAN Merritt Martin Best Way to Get to the Airport DART Orange Line In the Solomonic tradition, Dallas and Fort Worth split their differences and built their massive international air hub in the no-man’s-land between the two cities. Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport is equally close to each of the region’s two economic hubs, but so far away from each that it’s a pain to get there. Getting to DFW Airport is still a chore, but, thanks to DART’s extension of its Orange Line, it’s a little easier and now much cheaper. For a $2.50 one-way ticket, you can ride from Plano’s Parker Road station to DFW by light rail train. Stops in between include Arapaho, Park Lane, Mockingbird Station and the Arts District. OK, it takes 92 minutes. But you don’t have to sit in traffic. Take something to read. casionally forced to put down the LEGOs. For the second type of kid, heaven is the LEGO Store at NorthPark. It’s packed floor-to-ceil-ing with LEGO sets of every variety, from Star Wars to Ninjago to Chima, and with parents and kids, locked into the fun of picking out toys together. NorthPark Center, 8687 N. Central Expressway, No. 770, 214-750-6422, Best Place to Get Naked Spa Castle Getting naked in public is generally frowned upon, but at Spa Castle, it’s just part of the ex-perience. Once you get past the awkwardness of shucking your clothes in front of complete strangers of all stripes, you’ll easily melt into the relaxing experience that is Dallas’ biggest Korean spa. Once you’ve soaked (totally na-ked) in the tension-soothing hot tubs and showered, you can put your clothes back on and head out into the spa’s large outdoor wa-ter park. Or, you know, you can just stay in the gender-segregated nude areas and enjoy a day relaxing in your birthday suit. At this place, no one is going to judge you for wanting to stay in the buff. 1020 Raiford Road, Carrollton, 972-446-6800, Best Transportation-for-Hire Uber X You can’t hail a cab on the street in Dallas, which has always made going car-free a little taxing. Also the lack of competition among cab companies (plus the city’s byzantine taxi regulations) wasn’t good for the consumer. That changed with the advent of the Uber app. Anyone with a smartphone can now book a ride and be certain that a car will ar-rive in short order and that the driver will be courteous and competent (or should be). In December 2014, city officials bowed to the clamor of their Uber-riding constituents and legalized the service and other ride-sharing apps. We app-reciate that. DALLAS OBSERVER DALLAS OBSERVER Readers’ Pick: King Spa and Sauna 2154 Royal Lane, 214-420-9070, S EPTEMBER 24-30, 2015 M onth XX–M onth XX, 2014 Best Furniture Store Lula B’s All the furniture at Lula B’s has been owned by someone else at one point, but you can bet that they were cooler than you — this ain’t your grandma’s antique mall. Each of the booths curated by different vendors from all over Dallas-Fort Worth is full of treasures of all kinds, from kitschy decor to mid-century masterpieces. The best part of shopping at Lula B’s is digging for all the good (cheap) finds that linger on dusty bookshelves. On any given visit, you could walk out with a Best LEGO-Only Toy Store The LEGO Store Some kids like all types of toys. Others are so thoroughly consumed by a certain brand of interlocking plastic brick systems that they eschew other playthings and would probably do the same to food, water and sleep if not oc-6 24

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