Best of Dallas 2015 Guide : Page 12 Best Men’s Clothing Store Epocha Occupying prime retail space in Deep Ellum, Epocha boutique and art gallery specializes in men’s hard-to-find sneakers. Rare editions of Pumas and Asics are there, along with lesser-known brands. Steps from the colorful shoe rack hang a large selection of men’s vin-tage coats. Shop here for unique streetwear and hip-hop looks and quality goods from the recent past. Epocha sometimes hosts events, serving drinks to Dallas’ most fashionably off-beat folk. If you can’t afford the footwear, you can at least enjoy the free people-watching. 2540 Elm St., 972-863-9260, Shopping & Services Be assured that the vets here work with sen-sitivity, patience and care. This store is open every day of the week and often holds adop-tion events. 1704 Greenville Ave., 469-249-8210, Best Luxury Day Spa Espa at The Joule Before you’ve even entered Espa, you’ll get a nose full of eucalyptus. Between Main and Commerce streets, attached to the Joule Ho-tel, this day spa smells luxurious. Sure, every-thing on the menu strains the purse strings, from a foot massage ($80) to a treatment known as The Joule ($295), which includes a body scrub and full massage. But nowhere else does treating yo’self feel quite so special. It’s a mini vacation where you step off the streets, kick your feet up and splurge. 1530 Main St.,, 214-261-4555 ries, happens there. Check it out. Or just check in. 901 Fort Worth Ave., 214-393-2300, SPORTS/RECREACTION | | STAGE NIGHTLIFE/MUSIC FOOD/DRINK CULTURE/PEOPLE | THREAD SHOPPING/SERVICES | CLASSIFIED | MUSIC | DISH | MOVIES | CULTURE | | NIGHT+DAY | FEATURE | | SCHUTZE | UNFAIR PARK | THE | CONTENTS | Readers’ Pick: The Joule Best Cycling Caps Ellum Bag Works Jewel Ybarra is a Dallas cyclist who taught herself to sew. She is the creator of Ellum Bag Works, selling handmade, locally sourced gear and apparel to local bike shops and from her Etsy page. Her specialty is cycling caps — light, breezy caps that absorb the sweat under a helmet. No corporate logos on these, just Ybarra’s unique fabrics (batiks, tweeds, mole-skins) and designs that appeal to all sorts of riders. Good stuff for getting your head straight and keeping it dry for a long ride. Transit Bicycle Co., 1915 Greenville Ave., 214-219-2453 (and other dealers), 1530 Main St., 214-748-1300, Readers’ Pick: Nordstrom Best Vintage Clothing Store Vintage Martini You’re never fully dressed without a muu-muu, a mink hand-muff and a pillbox hat. You’ll find all of these and much, much more on the racks at Vintage Martini. After just a year in Dallas, this has become the go-to shopping destination for keen lovers of all things grandma (but grandma when she was a stylish, sexy young broad). You’ll find every-thing from a sable fur wrap to a light blue Es-cada sweater to a pair of drool-worthy cowboy boots. And the shop is so immaculate, the clothes smell like new. It’s divided into a men’s and a women’s section, but it’s not im-portant to adhere to such labels — use your imagination. 2923 N. Henderson Ave., 469-334-0584, Readers’ Pick: Avalon Salon 3699 McKinney Ave., 214-969-1901 NorthPark Center, 8687 N. Central Expressway Best Photo Booth Photowagon If an unassuming 1958 Cardinal travel trailer is parked at the next event you attend, don’t hesitate. Hop inside, grab an American flag or a pair of oversized sunglasses and flash a smile. You’re at the coolest photo booth in town. It pops up at some of the city’s most fun events, from Record Store Day at Good Re-cords to Gorilla vs. Bear at the Granada The-ater, and if the Photowagon is there, then you’re hanging with the cool cats. The mobile photo booth, affectionately known as Lady Bird, is in such high demand the owners are adding a new trailer to the family, making it twice as likely they’ll be at your next party. 972-352-3765, Best Liquor Store Beverage Depot Beverage Depot is the size of a grocery store, but the food groups here are “vodka,” “whis-key” and “Scotch.” Checkout lines are long and aisles crowded on Friday nights as cus-tomers load up on bargain booze from the well organized selection of wines, beers and spirits. Imported wines at low prices are a specialty. Looking for a fine Australian vin-tage? They have more than 25. We’ll drink to that, mate. 2810 Samuell Blvd., 214-823-4011, Best Hotel The Belmont The restored 1946 Belmont Hotel was essen-tial to the revitalization of its West Dallas neighborhood. It has a great, mid-century cool bar and spectacular views of downtown. It’s a terrific venue for weddings, anniversa-ries and other celebrations, and Barefoot at the Belmont, Dallas’ best outdoor concert se-Readers’ Pick: Spec’s Various locations, Readers’ Pick: Dolly Python 1916 N. Haskell Ave., 214-887-3434, Readers’ Pick: The Photo Bus 214-702-4141, Best Tattoo Artist Oliver Peck Oliver Peck is the local ink star who founded the Friday the 13th tattoo mara-thons. On those nights on the calendar, Peck and his coworkers at Elm Street Tat-too put on a show. With lines snaking out the door, people wait to get a tattoo for just $13 — on the condition that it must have the number “13” somewhere in the design. (The store also asks for a $7 tip, so it’s a $20 deal). The bargain night has become a rite of passage for body art enthusiasts. Peck’s the top talent but his assistants are masters, too. You’re lucky to get ink from any of them. 2811 Elm St., 214-653-1392, Best Photo Booth PHOTO WAGON DALLAS DALLAS OBSERVER OBSERVER S eptember 24-30, 2015 M ONTH XX–M ONTH XX, 2014 Readers’ Pick: Billyjack Gunter Artistic Encounter Tattoo, 3417 Main St., 469-828-1029 Best Place to Vaccinate Your Pup Pet Supplies Plus One Saturday a month, the back room of the independently owned Pet Supplies Plus on Lower Greenville offers discount vaccines, drawing lots of dog owners and yapping, furry friends who sense that something’s up. 2 12 Melissa Hennings

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