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SHOPPING/SERVICES #HeyChiefPassThatShit Hookahs • Pipes • E-Cig Supplies | Stephens & Associates is Conducting a 3 Week Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Tolerance of a Sponsor’s Topical Acne Treatment Product Compared to a Currently Marketed Product. You MAY be an eligible participate in our upcoming study if you: s$UHPDOHRUIHPDOHDJHV
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/*)&#0a; JTTQPOTPSJOHBTUVEZUIBUSFTFBSDIFTOFXNFEJDBUJPOGPSUIFUSFBUNFOU PGQSPCMFNESJOLJOH&#0f; The following may be provided at no cost to the participant: t .FEJDBUJPO t $PNQFOTBUJPO t &WBMVBUJPOT t 3FGFSSBMTGPSBEEJUJPOBMUSFBUNFOU t %PDUPSWJTJUT To learn more about this study at UT Southwestern Medical Center, or to see if you might be eligible to participate, please call 214-645-6965 or visit our website at 104 S EPTEMBER 24-30, 2015 DALLAS OBSERVER SPORTS/RECREACTION |

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